DJ Dharak Rocks The world over in Bollywood Music


Master of super-energetic makeover of Bollywood numbers, DJ Dharak Patel is creating waves on the music scene, both in India and in the US. His name is constantly heard in the music rooms of famous companies like Sony, Yashraj, Zee Music, Eros, etc, for whom he does the official remixing of songs.

DJ Dharak Rocks The world over in Bollywood Music

It was at a young age of 17 that DJ Dharak was aware of his affinity for music and he wanted to do something with it as a profession. However, his journey began, not as a musician, but as a choreographer, with his own dance academy – Waves Academy. During his career as a choreographer, he trained more than 1000 dancers and travelled throughout Gujarat with his dance troupe. But it was the music calling out to him when he took his passion seriously and started Djing at the Khocolate Bar in Melbourne, Australia. It was during this time that he honed his skills as a DJ and also got in touch with the international music scene. His move to the UK and subsequent stint with the prestigious Fullers pub in London for about a year widened his horizons.

Today, DJ Dharak is a prestigious name among Bollywood musical influencers. He has performed in many clubs across the US, India, Australia and Dubai. In fact, he just finished back-to-back tours to India last year. Besides being a member of the ‘Science of Sound’, the biggest DJ Academy in Gujarat, he does regular gags at ‘Stage 48’, iconic New York night club.
As for the future, DJ Dharak wants to set up a school for aspiring DJs. At the school, he wants to impart formal training to students who want to make a career out of Djing. Informally, Dharak has mentored a lot of young DJs.
To sum up, if you want to hear the mashups and music of this pied piper, DJ Dharak, head to the music channel, 9XM.

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